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Bagged Portland Cement PCB 30,OPC325

Goodmax Cement series product are PCB-40 and PCB-30 which produced under New Dry Process System, with advanced inspection equipment like X-ray analysis apparatus and other full cement equipment. The manufacturer of us have obtained the certificates of ISO9000-2000 Quantity system, and ISO14000 Environment System, strictly be conducted and controlled according to the Quality System Requirements, which make our Cement series product can be met with the standard according to ASTM of USA, EN of Europe, and ISO , in addition, we can develop the special portland cement product as per the various clients request.

Moreover, in order to guarantee the cement product performance,Goodmax Cement has built Concrete Laboratory in cement field, dedicate to study and improve the cement product performance, in order to meet with the request of various clients.

Portland Composite Cement - CEM II/A-M (P) 32,5N, Standard: BS EN 197-1:2000

Blended portland cement is a hydraulic adhesive, produced by finely grinding a mixture of clinker or Portland cement with some mineral additives and a needed amount of gypsum, or by regularly mixing finely ground mineral additives with portland cement not containing mineral additives.

We mainly supply the PCB 30 blended portland cement, which features:
1. stable physicochemical properties
2. high mortar and concrete’s workability, easy to pump and execute
3. suitable for high-quality constructions
4. fast development strength, short construction time
5. economize cement quality
6. strength durability with time by time
7. high osmosis resistance and weathered resistance

chemical composition 
Items       Unit   Test method Specifications by Specifications 
            BS EN 197-1:2000  
Loss on ignition      (%) EN 196-2     6.0 ~ 7.5
Insoluble residue      (%) EN 196-2     12.0 ~  14.5
SiO2       (%) EN 196-2     24.5 ~ 26.5
Al2O3       (%) EN 196-2     5.7 ~ 7.2
Fe2O3       (%) EN 196-2     4.0 ~ 5.0
CaO       (%) EN 196-2     49.0 ~ 52.0
MgO       (%) EN 196-2     1.0 ~ 3.0
SO3       (%) EN 196-2 max 3.5 1.5 ~ 2.5
K2O       (%) EN 196-2     0.5 ~ 1.0
Na2O       (%) EN 196-2     0.10 ~ 0.30
Cl       (%) EN 196-21 max 0.1 Max.0.05
Physical properties       
Compressive strength      EN 196-1      
  07 days      (N/mm2) min. 16 Min.20
  28 days      (N/mm2) min. 32.5 Min.36
        (N/mm2) max 52.5  
Setting time (Vicat test):     EN 196-3      
  Initial set      (min)   min. 75 Min.150
  Final set      (min)       Max.250
Soundness      (mm) EN 196-3 max. 10 Max.1.5
Fineness,specific surface (Blaine) : (m2/kg)       Min.350

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