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50Kg & 2000kg Cement Bag

Goodmax Group supply and export cement packing bags likw 50Kg PP woven bag and 2.0t sling bag with ASTM and BESN standard.


Cement Packing Bags


Specification for PP Woven Sling Bag with capacity of 2100kg :
-          Base Fabric: Polypropylene PP coating PE with gram weight 90g/m2
-          Lifting Belts : Four lifting belts from bottom to the top, width 70mm ± 5mm,
-          Around belt: three around belts with width 50mm ± 5mm
-          Size: 1200mm x 1200mm x 1250mm 
-          Size: 1300mm x 1300mm x 1100mm 
-          Colour of Big Bags :   beige or white
Specification for PP woven cment packing bag with capacity of 50kg :
-          Base Fabric: Polypropylene PP coating PE layer outside
-          Size: 760 (+/- 0~5mm)  x 420 (+ 0~5mm) (B) x 80 (+/- 2mm)
-          Colour of Big Bags : beige 
Cement Packing Bags

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