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Fish Collagen Protein
Fish Collagen Protein Peptide

Fish Collagen Protein Peptide

fish skin collagen protein peptide sued for food & cosmetics industry.

 Fish Collagen Protein Peptide 



Fish Collagen Protein Peptide

Grade: food grade
Raw material: fresh fish skin (mainly tilapias fish, others: grass carp, also cod fish)
Character: tasteless, odorless, colorless and highly soluble
Brief Introduction:
Our Collagen is first class in the same line of business which has long enjoyed a great fame both at home and abroad. We use modern biotechnology to produce collagen peptide, the molecular weight is less than 3000dalton, it is easy absorb by skin, it is good raw material for cosmetics, health food, skin care and anti-wrinkle.
The food workshop of Goodmax Group covers an aera of 1800 square meters in accordance with HACCP standard, research center 1500 square meters. It is a moden garden type high technological food making factory. The freeze warehouse has a max storage of 600 ton. We adopt aomatic treating procedure to purify producing water. Configure precision instrument for the quality inspection depart, strictly test the raw material, half-finished product, finished product and packing material to ensure product quality.
We got the certificates: ISO certificate, MSDS certificate, HACCP certificate, QS certificate,etc.

1. Security
The security of our product is very nice. Because raw material of super marine collagen is 100% tilapia fish skin (100% natural product). It has distinct difference between botanic protein (for example: Soybean protein) and animal protein (for example: Milk protein). Botanic protein may have pesticide pollution and be transgenic. Animal protein may have mad cow disease (BSE) and Foot and mouth disease.

2. High human absorption rate
Our collagen is easier to be absorbed by human body than amino acid. The grade of the protein of super marine collagen is extremely high; The ratio of amino acid is extremely close to the composition of human muscle, so it is easy to absorb.

3. High protein content and good smell
The protein content of our collagen is more than 90%. The power has lwhite color and is 100% water-soluble. The smell is very good. You can eat with milk, soup, rice, drinks and so on.

Main shape:
1. raw material powder ≥200mesh (50-80mesh for granule) slight sweet taste
2. founctionality food: soft capsule, oral liquid, tablet,etc
3. beauty cosmetic: moisturizers and creams, toning lotion, facial mask, shampoo, etc.
1. Appearance: Light white powder
2. Protein Content: ≥95%
3. Molecular weight: 3KDa max,
4. Heavy Meta: Pb≤0.5 ppm; As≤0.3ppm; Hg≤0.50.5ppm.
5. Loss on drying: 2.0%
6. package: 
    1) Product is packaged in PE plastic bag then in non-toxic aluminum foil bag. 
    2) Package Specification: Powder: 10kg/ aluminum foil bag
    3) Product should be stored at a cool and dry place. It should be kept away from toxic corrosive materials, rain, wet, rat and pest. 
    4) Shelf life:18 months
    5) We also offer custom-made packages upon request
Product Efficiency:
food industry: can be used as a food nutritive supplement, can be used into capsule, beverage, tablet and bars.
cosmetics industry: used for anti-aging and keep water, can be made into mask, hair products, nails products, creamers, also can be added in any edible beverage directly.
It is nice for both the young and old.
1. skin recovery    increase skin tension and moisture protection
2. erase speckle & take sore    lift wrinkle,whitening skin
3. breast augmentation & beauty   recover and keep women charm
4. recovery of gastric mucosa   prevent ulcerative enterogastric disease
5. supplement Ca & invigorating   prevent spur
6. nail cosmetology & hair care   increase hair quality
7. softening blood vessel   inhibit blood pressure


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