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Calcium Carbonate Packing Bags

Chinese psecialized manufacturer of exporter of chemical product packing bags, like calcium carbonate packing bags.

Calcium Carbonate Packing Bag is a kind of flexible Intermediate Bulk containers (FIBC), also known as Calcium Carbonate Big Bag or Calcium Carbonate Sling Bag. PP and PE is its main material. It applies to ship bagged cement for long distance or ocean transport. The main specification for short distance transport is 1Ton, 1.5Ton and 2Ton,Jumbo Bags for export ocean transport. You can customize the waterproof, dust-proof and , radiation-resistant bags as per your requirementf as its excellent performance like moisture-proof function. It is the ideal products for ore industry with characteristics such as 5-5.7times safty factor, high strength structure, easy handling and operation,etc.

Goodmax Packing can recommend and customize the Calcium Carbonate FIBC according to your needs, such as: different cement density, transport distance of ore, transportation (land, sea, rail), stacking conditions, lifting frequency, temperature, transport cycle and other characteristics. Could print the user’s mark, like the customer’s company name, name of commdity, address,etc. For details, please contact our sales hotline.

(1) Characteristics: dustproof, dampproof, radiation-resistant, safty, fastness,etc.
(2) It has high strength structure, easy to load and unload.
(3) Can widely used for packing cement, chemical, grain, ore product and various kinds of powder, granular and nubby goods.
(4) Load: 0.5-3T; capacity: 500-2300L; can design the insurance coefficient to 3:1,5:1 or 6:1 as per customer’s requirement.
(5) A cylindrical, square two angular shape, with one open and one-time use of the upper and lower spouts and working capital to adapt to different needs of a variety of specifications There are two kinds of shapes, cylindrical type and square type. It has single spout and upper & lower spouts, can suit for sone-tine and recycling use and other different needs.
(6) Moisture-type bag to use polyethylene liner bags or film processing materials The material of dampproof FIBC is PP liner bag material or coating mateiral.
(7) Can customize according to the customer’s requirements.

Calcium Carbonate Bulk Bags
Calcium Carbonate Bulk Bags

Calcium Carbonate Big Bags
Calcium Carbonate Big Bags

Calcium Carbonate Packing Bags
Calcium Carbonate Packing Bags

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