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In China mainland, Goodmax team can provide oversea customers with developing Chinese market services of trading consultant, import trade, market development, quality surveying agent and purchasing agent service, which related to the industries of environmental protection products, electric automobile, packaging products, garden products, health food, home furnishing products, household appliances and household rehabilitation instruments, etc.

Main products:

Import trade:
related products import to China and distribution

Electric automobile:
we can help oversea companies look for finished automobiles, installation kits, purchasing, technical cooperation, joint venture, market analysis and find Chinese partners, etc.

Health food:
purchase and distribute related nutrition and function health food in Chinese market; market analysis and find Chinese partners, etc.

Household appliances and rehabilitation instruments:
Goodmax can organize related selling net and resource, and exclusive distribution related household appliances and rehabilitation instruments.

Home furnishing products:
import and distribute part home furnishing products in China


Chinese purchasing agent
provide customers with Chinese market purchasing agent service

quality surveying agent
provide customers service of quality surveying, testing and production supervision of the products purchased in China

Import trade agent
supply Chinese purchasing agent service

We can offer importing products logistic service in China, including door to door transportation of air, ocean and inland, etc.

Sino-us trade service
Goodmax has established our US office, and there are people who can provide related companies with long-term service. Our Chinese team would love to offer related service and support, and the possibility of cooperation for American enterprise entering Chinese market. For details, please email to

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