Ball Mill Headers
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Ball Mill Headers

Grinding roller is an important component of vertical mill. The material is crushed under the strong pressure of grinding roller.It mainly includes wheel hub, roller shaft, bearing, roller sleeve (easy to wear parts), bearing seals, sealing cover, end cover, lubricating oil pipe and other components.

Ball Mill Headers

Ball Mill Headers are available in standard quality and thickness. Made available in both standard as well as customized finish specifications as per the order requirements, these mill headers are popularly used in industry sectors like mining, dyeing industries, metal casting, cement and others.

Features :
  • Suitably used for raising temperature of material in continuous process like in heavy duty industry sectors

  • Overall kiln size based on working process conditions

  • Kins can be customized on parameters like diameter and length

  • Kiln sections featuring alignment tabs that help hold and align shell pieces till these are field welded

  • Made available in capacities of 5.0 m in shell diameter

  • Made available in size of up to 6.0 m flange diameter and 3.0 m in height

  • Available in maximum weight of up to 50MT of single piece

Applications :
  • Ball Mills

  • Rod Mills


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