Belt Alignment
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Belt Alignment

Keep belts from wandering, reducing belt damage and eliminating fugitive material

The GM Tracker™ provides immediate, continuous precision adjustment of wandering conveyor belts. The Tracker™ works where other belt training devices fail to reduce edge damage, prevent spillage and extend belt life.

Features and Benefits:

  • Keeps the belt in alignment with automatic, continuous adjustments

  • Improved tracking reduces edge damage, spillage and maintenance expense

  • Continuous precision adjustment of the patented parallel steering/training system keeps the belt tracking properly


The GM Tracker™ is available in 3 models to match the requirements of each application.

  • The Tracker™ is designed for applications under typical industrial material handling conditions.

  • The Tracker™ HD is designed to withstand the stress associated with wider, thicker belts moving at higher speeds and carrying heavier loads.

  • The Tracker™ XHD is engineered to be effective in the most rugged of applications.

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