Cement Packaging Production Line Dedicated Automated Queue Loading Count Management System
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Cement Packaging Production Line Dedicated Automated Queue Loading Count Management System


Functional features

1. Real-time monitoring, centralized monitoring:
A computer can monitor multiple counters at the same time.

2. Remote control:
Through the computer to achieve remote control control counter operation / stop, single cumulative zeroing, set the target number, the total cumulative zero.

Set the product name, customer name, license plate number, contract number, person in charge, shift corresponding to this counter.

3. Automatic queue loading

The operator can assign multiple vehicles to the loading lane according to the data of the vehicle bill of lading (number plate, customer name, cement variety, number of pick-up), and enter the data of the bill of lading of multiple vehicles at one time to the corresponding counter on the computer, and the vehicles are lined up in the order in which the bills of lading are entered.

The large screen of the vehicle queue displays the information of the vehicle in line, and the large screen of the vehicle queue is installed in the driver's lounge or where the vehicle enters, prompting the vehicle to go to the appropriate lane in order to load the vehicle.

The same lane can be paralleled to multiple vehicles queuing large screens, placed in different locations of the screen, can be synchronized to show the current lane of the queued vehicles. For example, Lane 1 has two vehicle queue screens, one installed in the driver's lounge and one installed at the lane entrance.

This feature greatly improves shipping automation and shipping efficiency, clearly alerts drivers and field staff, and prevents vehicles from going the wrong way and loading the wrong goods.

The large screen on site will still show the license plate number, product variety, target number, and actual number of currently loaded vehicles.

4. Document printing: after a
 Single count (such as the end of a variety of production), you can achieve immediate printing of 3 joint orders;  
5. Automatic data saving:
 Whether it is the field counter key zeroing, or the computer remote operation zeroing, you can automatically record the production quantity to the database, automatically save; Job date, start time, end time, counter number, product name, customer, license plate number, shift, owner, quantity, weight and other information can be automatically recorded in the computer SQL database.

6. Timely save data

Timed data and cycling save data, double save data function.

The loading records for each vehicle are saved to the database at the end of the loading, and the user can set a time to save the cumulative quantity and total cumulative quantity of the order.

The purpose of timed data retention is to make it easy for users to calculate productivity and to record the total number of shifts per day.

7. The shift automatically switch

Instead of setting shifts artificially, shifts can be switched automatically over time, making it easy to automatically record shift production data.

8. Data query, statistics, printing, reports:
When a production job ends (or at the end of each variety of production), managers can easily save the data of this shift with the click of a mouse through the HQ-210 count management software in the computer.

Users can easily query, print and count historical data in multiple dimensions (e.g. query by time, query by counter name, query by product variety, query by shift, etc.); Multi-dimensional query, statistics, printing, data export and other operations of historical data;

9. User rights management:

System permissions are divided into 2 levels of permissions: administrator, operator.

Administrators can assign regular user login accounts and passwords;

Operators can only control, monitor, query, print on a daily basis, and cannot modify and delete records.

10. LAN intranet query and printing

Other computers in the local area network can access the computer's database on the shop floor by installing client software, remotely querying, printing, reporting, and exporting the results of the query to excel tables for further data analysis.

11.Wwireless communication

For example, 1 computer needs to be installed in the workshop to communicate wirelessly with 16 counters;

2 sets of USB interface wireless transceiver module connected to the computer, respectively, antenna 1 and antenna 2;

Antenna selection of high-power antenna, counter and computer transmission distance between up to 200 meters;

The 16 counters are divided into 2 units, 8 counters per unit; 

Unit 1's 8 counters (address codes 1-8)communicate with the computer's Antenna No. 1 using wireless channel 1;

Unit 2's 8 counters (address codes 9-16)communicate with the computer's Antenna No. 2using wireless channel 2; 

12. Easy to install and use

Users only need to select the installation position of the sensor according to the field conditions, fix the sensor can be.

The software only needs to set the serial number.

HQ-210 count management software and SQL databases, installed and used in accordance with window operating habits;

The channel of the wireless module is finished before the factory device, the user does not need to set.

13. Production line Kanban and software content synchronization real-time display

Large-screen Kanban above the production line, showing the current in real time: license plate number (or production line), product name, target number, actual number; Convenient on-site workers, cargo owners, administrators intuitively grasp the real-time production situation.






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