High chromium wear-resisting roller covers are widely used in large-scale material grinding and ultrafine grinding of metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical industry, ceramics, non-metallic ore .of power plant, water slag, slag, furnace slag, coal, cement clinker, glass, quartz, limestone and other industries.

Product Advantages:

01 High hardness, grinding a variety of materials

High hardness, Rockwell hardness (HRC) up to 65 degrees, can be ground pyroxene, calcite, limestone, quartz stone, gypsum, slag and other materials.

Anti-crack, wear resistance and overload

High chromium cast iron grinding material, exquisite metal mold casting, precise size, good crack prevention, good wear resistance, strong load bearing force, no cracking in 20 years.

03 bottom price sales, cost-effective

We promise a price of 3000 yuan per ton compared with the same trade or the original discount!

Level by level, high output

After 17 professional tests before the factory, strict implementation of quality control system, high output.


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