Galvanized Dust Bag Cage For Dust Collector
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Galvanized Dust Bag Cage For Dust Collector

1)Delicate Welding
2) Long -lasting
3) Diameter of : 3-4mm or customized
Length of case: 2000, 2500, etc
  • GM-FE004
  • Goodmax

The galvanized frame called galvanized dust bag cage. It is welded to from abrasion and corrosion resistance. It can effectively prevent the galvanized frame. 

The galvanized dust bag cage is not easy to change in the dry temperature of the use temperature, and in humid air, a very dense zinc carbonate film can be formed on the surface, which can effectively protect the interior from corrosion. The zinc coating of the galvanized dust bag cage is thick, the crystal is fine, uniform and non-porous, the corrosion resistance is good, the appearance is beautiful and the service life is long. At present, the galvanized dust bag cages commonly used are plated, also known as cold plating.

Filter bag cage specification

1.spraying plastic filter cage

2.silicon filter cage

3.galvanized filter cage

4.stainless steel filter cage

Normal Sizediameter of wire3-4mm
diameter of cage128mm, 145mm
length of cage2000, 2500,3000, 4000, 5000, 6000mm (customized)


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