Main Reducer of Vertical Mill
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Main Reducer of Vertical Mill


Specifications and model:

KMPS546, KMPS396, KMPS426, KMPS546, KMP710, etc

Scope of application:

KMPS series reducer is a professional supporting domestic Hefei Institute, Shen Zhong, Tianjin Shi Ming, Smith (FLSMIDTH), Loesche (Loesche), Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer) each type of mill, the world currently has at least 500 in operation, there are a large number of Flender (FLENDER) vertical mill reducer users;

The Flender reducer is an industry-standard gearbox specially developed for raw vertical mill drives and is suitable for specific operating conditions.


Functions: transfer power, reduce the high speed of the motor to the required output speed of the mill, and support the grinding disc rotation.Large axial forces are generated during the grinding process, which are transmitted to the foundation through the special bearings and gearbox body installed.


Product advantages: this type of reducer has a particularly compact transmission structure and excellent performance.Optimized design and manufacturing processes are of high quality and are combined with bearing selection, meshing tooth profile and box rigidity.


Company strength: our company has provided technical support and service to domestic major cement enterprises and various types of vertical mills.Once the user buys Flender reducer, we will provide the corresponding technical support and spare parts inventory. In the short term, there is no need to prepare the main spare parts of gears and bearings.


Quantity of use: 1 set/set Use place: vertical mill


Cooperative units: China Resources Cement Group, Jinfeng Cement Group, Tianrui Cement Group, Guangxi Dongni Co., Ltd., Haolianghe Cement, Kaisheng Cement Design Institute, etc.


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