Roller Press Surfacing Welding Wire
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Roller Press Surfacing Welding Wire

  • JD310

Cement factory ceramic building materials roller press surfacing welding wire JD310 roller press surface surfacing high alloy wear-resistant production and processing.

Roller press special surfacing JD series (JD1, JD2, JD, JD310) and other types of wear-resisting flux-cored wire and electrode by hand and CO gas shielded welding wire welding wire submerged arc welding wire and two, this series of materials including transition layer, buffer layer, hardfaced layer and wear-resistant decorative pattern, through the reasonable collocation of several kinds of material, forming roller surface hardness gradient, which can effectively ensure the service life of the roller surface.The concrete conditions of surfacing materials of JD series roller press are as follows:

(1) the JD series of manual welding electrode (including the transition layer electrode JM, hardfacing layer electrode JD3 and wear-resistant electrode pattern layer JD310), suitable for field welding repair on the surface of the roller wear or flake small area, as well as all position (vertical and horizontal welding) welding of weld, lack of wear resistant ceramic coating chest astatic directional reticular fibers and stronger measures to further improve the toughness by coupling, and increase the use of the system reliability, which can effectively prevent damage caused by the impact and peeling off, in addition, multiple reinforcing measures were taken in the construction, effectively to send the material performance, wear resistant ceramic coating with low expansion coefficient,So that its volume is stable, few cracks, so the overall performance is excellent, coupled with the construction method without joints, so that its integrity is further improved.

Wear resistant ceramic coating of good abrasion resistance, can effectively protect the easy worn parts, for many cement enterprises and equipment suppliers, temporal ChangGang group in Shanxi Province cement co., LTD., slag vertical mill classifier using the thickness of the upper shell is still a 20 mm, with eight months later, wear resistant ceramic coating and the maximum depth of only 1.2 MLN.(Bishan) 52 point is low welding efficiency.

(2)JD series CO gas protected flux-cored welding wire (①1.6), including transition layer JD1, buffer layer JD2, hard I ~N-JD3 and wear-resistant flower-type ~-JD310.It is suitable for field repair of large area abrasion or peeling of the roll surface, as well as overhaul of the whole roll surface without disassembly.The surfacing efficiency is 3~4 times that of manual electrode, and the surfacing quality is obviously better than manual electrode.It is very suitable for the cement factory where the maintenance time is short and there is no spare roller

(3) JD series submerged arc welding flux cored wire (①4.0,①3.2) includes transition layer JD1, buffer layer JD2, hard surface layer JD3 and wear resistant pattern layer JD310.The welding wire has extremely high welding efficiency and excellent welding quality.It is suitable for the disassembly overhaul of rollers, which can fully meet the technological requirements of surfacing. The welding seam is beautiful and has the most reliable surfacing quality guarantee. The service life of the old roller surfacing repaired by this process can completely reach the level of the new roller.

Cement factory maintenance time is generally relatively tight, it is suggested that manufacturers try to use welding wire for surfacing when they do not disassemble welding repair or overhaul, so as to reduce the maintenance cost of roller press and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.



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