SKF Bearing Pulley
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SKF Bearing Pulley

Using international standard design and manufacturing technology,the corporation can produce head pulley,tail pulley,and bend pulley.

Driving Pulley is the main part for transform the power.As per the different carrying capacities,the driving pulley can be divided into three categories:light duty,medium duty and heavy duty.And for the same diameter of the pulley,there are many different axle diameters and central spans.

Light duty:

Bearing Aperture:80-100mm
The axle and the hub are connected by the single key.And its single plate welding.The axle is uni direct out.

Medium duty:

Bearing Aperture:120mm-180mm
The axle and the hub are connected by the ring lock.

Heavy duty:

Bearing Aperture:200-220mm
The axle and the hub are connected by the ring lock.
The shell body is aluminothermic welding fabric.
The axle can be unidirectional and two-way out.
The surface treatment of the driving pulley can be smooth steel,herringbone or rhombic rubber lagging.
The smooth steel pulley is available for the place which environment is small power,small belt width and dry.The herringbone rubber lagging has a big friction factor better anti-slippery and drainage ability,but is has its own direction.The rhombic lagging is available for two-way operation conveyors.The vulcanized rubber lagged pulley are mostly used for important application.
The bearing housing of the pulley is lubricated by grease cup style lubrication.

SKF Bearing Pulley


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