Smooth Surface Filtering Filtration Bag Cage for Filter Bag
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Smooth Surface Filtering Filtration Bag Cage for Filter Bag

1)Welding firm, smooth and straight appearance
2) No welding scars, bumps and burrs
3) Lightweight, easy to install
  • GM-FE005
  • Goodmax

Filtration filter bag cage for dust collector filter bag 


Each cage made in Heading filter can fit to the requirements of being light, handy, smooth and straight. Cage resembles the rib of bag. It should be light, handy, easy to install, maintain. And it is smooth and straight, to prevent the bag from damage.

Dust bag frame is a special multi-head welding equipment welding molding, welding should be reliable, no off welding, leakage welding, fake welding, the surface should be smooth and clean, dirt uneven and burr.The two ends of the sack cage bone are generally equipped with wenji tube, flange, chassis and other accessories.These parts are made of special die stamping, before welding all sharp quick mouth should be polished into R shape, in order to prevent damage to the filter bag and damage to the installer when installing the bag frame.The surface anti-corrosion treatment of dust bag frame can be treated by phosphating, galvanizing, spraying and other methods according to installation requirements, so as to apply to different industrial and mining environments.

Dust bag frame is used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, steel, cement, thermal power generation and other industries in the dust collector, the quality of the bag frame directly affects the service life of the dust bag and the dust removal effect of the bag filter, is one of the important parts of the dust collector.


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