Universal Drive Joint
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Universal Drive Joint


Universal rolling machine Product model: 5-2 - b roller press universal joint is roller press reducer connection of roll system important driving part, its quality often impact roller compressor normal operation, the company after many years of experience, research and development of a new generation of roller press gimbal couplings, mainly improved the universal joint in the process of using the problem: 1 can't give attention to both the toughness and hardness, easy to fracture in use process or excessive wear, the company's universal joint using imported wear steel forging, greatly increase the service life;2 ten-byte bearing wear too fast, causing jitter of universal joint, oil leakage, the company uses imported bearings to avoid the above problems;3 refueling port because the speed is too fast, gear oil becomes diluted at the temperature, oil leakage from the refueling port, our company to improve the refueling port to completely solve the above problems the company welcomes customers to inquire, will provide you with quality products and services


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