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From the start of the first bloombagz  Classic  bag designed by the Goodmax Garden China and the United States team in 2012,  after 8 years of hard work,Goodmax  Garden  product line has grown to 5 categories, including Goodmax.
1.Indoor planting series
2.Outdoor planting series
3.Kid Planting Series
4.LED and Artificial Intelligence Planting Series
5.Planting Set Series

Goodmax has its own partner factories and design teams. From product design, to sample production, product testing, there are complete processes and personnel to follow strict product and test standards, and able to meet environmental and safety standards for horticultural products in Europe and the United States, These include safety tests such as "carcinogen testing", "dye test" heavy metals test, lead test, azo test, etc by the third-party testing agencies such as SGS or AI inspection.

From 2016, starting with 1st Goodmax's online retail store, “bloombagz Tmall retail store”, Goodmax gradually began to establish an online retail and distribution system, including warehousing system, distribution system, ERP, supply chain systems. 

Goodmax welcomes companies who interested in our products to join Goodmax, open local online retail stores in Goodmaxgarden and Bloombagz, and will be the perfect combination if you can combine locally sourced seeds, nutrients, and fertilizers。 

or you can add our products to your existing store sales system. Not only can we provide a full range of product identification and systems for our existing brands, but we can also customize our products for specific customers. 

Welcome to our below online stores and products and email us Mail:: and  we will contact you as soon as we receive the email. 
Amazon Japan


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Thanks for your concern for Goodmax. We’re looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future

Goodmax Garden Team


Goodmax International Group Limited is a collection of Producing and trading as one integrated enterprise.





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