Air-cooled/self-discharging Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator
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Air-cooled/self-discharging Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator

This machine is mainly used in high iron content in the material field, so as to avoid the artificial frequent power outages discharge the trouble of iron, is suitable for steel mills, cement plants, power plants, etc., used in slag iron and protection of roller press, roller mill, crusher and other important equipment.
  1. the magnetic circuit by using the computer simulation design, through magnetic deep, strong magnetic force.

  2. adopting the axial flow fan forced air cooling, special air duct design, big wind, high wind pressure and the excitation coil heat faster, low temperature, cold and hot field difference is small.

  3. Automatic unloading iron, easy maintenance, transmission roller adopts waist drum type structure, with functions of belt deviation, dust-proof bearing seat. Mechanical failure is low.

  4. Adopting the model of low voltage power supply, low failure rate.

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