Compact Cleaner
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Compact Cleaner

The Compact Cleaner is GM’s smallest primary cleaner and fits in tight quarters for effective belt cleaning/belt scraping in applications where space is limited.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits in spaces with as little as 6.75 inches (171 mm) of clearance on pulleys as small as seven inches (180 mm) in diameter.

  • To replace worn blade, slide new blade onto square tube mainframe.

  • Blades are available in high-performance urethane colors to match application requirements.

  • Belt cleaner blade incorporates patented Continuous Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) design to maintain effective cleaning across blade life.

  • Supplied with internal spring tensioner.


  • Suited for light to medium-duty applications, on belts from 12 to 48 inches (~305 to 1219 mm) operating at speeds up to 350 fpm (1.8 m/sec).


  • GM Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application.

  • Blades can be solid or segmented.

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