Conveyor Dirve Pulley
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Conveyor Dirve Pulley


Drive pulley is the key transmission part, it contains three type: light, moderate, heavy, according to its loading capacity. The diameter of pulley ranges 500\630\800\1000\1250\1400\1600mm. For a certain kind of pulley, various shaft diameter and central span can be chosen.
1) Light type: the diameter of shaft hole is 80-100mm. It is connected with the wheel hub by a single key. The pulley is welded by a single plate, with single-output shaft.
2) Moderate type: the shaft hole diameter is 120-200mm. It is connected with the wheel hub by expansion sleeve, including of single-output and double-output shaft.
3) Heavy type: The shaft hole diameter is 200-420mm. It is connected with the wheel hub by expansion sleeve, and made in barrel casted structure.
The pulley covers consist of plain steel, herringbone and rhomb rubber. The herring bone rubber cover offers features such as high friction coefficient, easy water drainage. Since it has certain directionality, the tip of herringbone figure must be conformed to the moving direction of belt. The conveyor for double transportation has to select rhomb rubber cover pulley. The vulcanized rubber cover pulley is used in special site for fireproof. The explosion-proof actions should be employed are non-explosion place. Its bearing pedestal is lubricated with oil cup lubrication.


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