Cooler Machine For Cement Production Plant
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Cooler Machine For Cement Production Plant

The cooling machine is an equipment that drives the heat exchange between the high temperature material and the cold air sufficiently through the rotation of the cylinder body to make the material cool.
  • GM-CL003

Quick rotary drum mine cooling system can fully suck the air that is used for cooling the materials as secondary circulation air, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the kiln, and in addition, it has the features of simple structure, high running rate and convenient operation and maintenance, so that is very suitable for small-sized cement plant.



used in the system of rotary kiln, whose appearance is like cylinder, and that is the reason why it is also being called rotary drum cooler.


♦  because of the simple structure and better stability of drum cylinder, cooling machine has become the essential machine in the system of rotary kiln.


♦  used as the fertilizer production line, which can cool the fertilizer with the heat to one ordinary temperature.


♦  the mutual coordination of cooling machine and dryer can greatly enhance the speed of being cool, which can decrease the labor strength and improve the output.



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