Corrugated Metal Hose
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Corrugated Metal Hose


Corrugated metal hose, hose for short) is a kind of high quality modern industrial piping soft pipe It is mainly composed of corrugated pipe net and joint Its inner tube is a spiral, or circular thin-walled stainless steel corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe outer net, is made with stainless steel wire or steel woven according to certain parameters Street or flange is with the customer at the ends of the hose pipe street or flange connection of hose corrugated pipe is made of thin-walled seamless or longitudinal weld stainless steel pipe with high precision plastic processing forming

Due to the elastic properties of moire contour decided the hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation and cyclic load, especially in the pipeline system has the ability to compensate for large displacement I plant in addition to the original production hose equipment, newly introduced from Japan two high precision, high technology of corrugated pipe automatic welding production lines, greatly improved the quality of the hose and make the production of hose length is not restricted Meet the needs of the long hose Hose of nominal Size range DN4-800 - mm, length is optional

The net sleeve is the main bearing part of the hose installed in the pressure management, and also plays a protective role in the bellows. According to the pressure size of the pipe and the application site, one or more layers of stainless steel or steel belt can be selected for weaving.

Hose is commonly PN0.6-32.0 MPa pressure range, up to 42.0 MPa due to the hose materials of main parts are made by austenitic stainless steel, thus ensure the hose excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance material hose a wide working temperature range, to - 196-600, by use of hose pipes in addition by medium grade choose suitable stainless steel corrosion, can ensure the corrosion turbidity of hose Corrugated metal hose has good softness Resistance to fatigue resistance to high pressure high and low temperature corrosion resistance, and many other features



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