Custom Steel Module Spur Gear Wheel
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Custom Steel Module Spur Gear Wheel


Product Description

Gear wheel,gear ring and segment ring gear are often used in mechanical transmission , which are often forged or cast structure high quality and strength alloy steel with surface carburizing or hardening treatment. The gear have the high bearing capacity and durable. In practical application, which is widely used in high speed and heavy load machinery, because of its stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise. Our company can produce different type gear ring and wheel such as spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear wheel and gear ring according to the customer's drawing and requirements, if you have any questions, please contact with us freely




gear wheel and ring can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction and other machinery and equipment deceleration mechanism.

Advantage of Gear

1.heavy load capacity.long lifespan.

2.High precision, large diameter and module.

3.stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise.

Company Advantage

1.We offer One-stop service From raw material organization to processing production and assembly.

2.We have professional engineer team and the strict quality control system to guarantee the quality of the products.

3.We have many CNC advanced equipment to ensure the precision of the products.


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