Electric Ash Removal Valve
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Electric Ash Removal Valve


The star unloader is divided into round star unloading valve and square star unloading valve according to its external structure. It can also be divided into three types: ordinary type, pressure type and high temperature type. The star-shaped ash discharge valve is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a casing, an impeller, a main shaft, a bearing, and left and right end covers. Adopting high-quality steel plate welding structure, the blade has strong abrasion resistance, and integrates transmission device, transmission shaft and blade. The unloader can be used in the material collection system. As the unloader of the silo, it is often used in the dust removal system as one of the important equipment of the dust removal system.It is especially suitable for dust. Grain, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial projects are selected and used.

Unloader features:

    1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to use.

    2. Smooth operation and low noise.

    3. Since the bearing and gearbox are separated from the housing for a certain distance, the high temperature and lubrication are greatly improved.

    4. The factory can also design and manufacture according to user requirements.

    5. This product is shipped from the factory. It is filled with special grease for pinwheel cycloid reducer. Please check the oil regularly.





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