Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
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Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

Flange Connection Rubber Expansion Joint
Head code: Round
Technics: Valcanized Formed
  • GM-EJ001
  • Goodmax

Single Sphere Flange Rubber Expansion Joint.


  • Robust design with integral rubber flanges for secure connections

  • Available in multiple rubber elastomers from stock, with specials easily available

  • Available with optional control unit  tie rods to prevent overextension

  • Moves in both axial and lateral offset  directions

Rubber soft joints, also known as flexible single-ball rubber joints, rubber flexible joints, soft joints, shock absorbers, etc., It is a high Flexible, highly airtight, medium resistant and weatherproof pipe joints. The product is made of rubber elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance, weathering resistance and radiation resistance. It is made of polyester cord fabric with high strength, strong cold and heat stability, which is obliquely crossed and compounded, and vulcanized by high pressure and high temperature mold.


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