How to judge cost-effective rollers
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How to judge cost-effective rollers

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How to judge cost-effective rollers

According to the analysis of tape conveyor, the roller is the main part that affects the drag coefficient of belt conveyor operation, and the rotational resistance coefficient of the belt conveyor is basically proportional to the causal relationship.


High-quality rollers require the following quality requirements:

At present, the rotational resistance of domestic and foreign rollers hovers at 2-2.5N, the quality of poor more than 3N. One of the main reasons is: can not guarantee that water and dust will never enter the pollution, the bearings in the rollers are very easy to produce early failure. When the pollution reaches a certain degree, the rollers get stuck, the tube wall is worn through, will be found to replace. The process of rolling friction has long been turned into sliding friction, the degree of resistance increase can not be estimated, the designer had to take a larger drive power in the design.

In order to reduce the tape conveyor operating drag coefficient below 0.01, the rollers should have the following properties

1.Very high sealing performance, to ensure that water and dust will never contaminate roller bearings, international and national standards, roller sealing performance indicators are: water test, water intake ≤150 grams; dust test, coal dust must not enter the roller bearing grease. This standard is only the current most enterprises can achieve, is not to make the roller operation long-term stability requirements.

2.Guaranteed coaxiality of bearing positions at both ends of the roll ≤0.05mm (this accuracy is also the key to ensure bearing life of more than 100,000 hours, while rotating resistance can reach an average ≤1N); Neither process can guarantee the coaxiality of the bearings at both ends ≤0.05mm, not only the rotating resistance of the rollers is large, but also the life of the bearings is greatly reduced.

3.The transport of wear and corrosion of serious materials, roller tube body wall material must have anti-corrosion wear performance. These are the three roller core technologies that achieve the desired results.




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