Hurricane Air Cannon
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Hurricane Air Cannon

GM Hurricane Air Cannon improve the flow of bulk materials and prevent outages due to discharge blockages, buildups and ratholes. The Hurricane features a new valve concept that provides more force, uses less air and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Apply precisely timed bursts of air to prevent material buildup on interior container walls and obstructions at discharge ports.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum discharge strength from high velocity output with half the air volume, for highly effective discharge and reduced operating costs

  • Designed for simple maintenance. The complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step, working from one side of the tank. It can be replaced within minutes to keep your process running. There is no need to ever remove the tank from the vessel for service

  • Fits in smaller places. More power from less air allows use of smaller air reservoir

  • Fires in response to a positive surge of air sent by a solenoid valve, eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge

  • Positive-acting valve allows control solenoid to be positioned as far as 200 feet (60 m) from the tank, keeping solenoids away from harsh conditions and difficult-to-service areas

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