Pulse Valve Diaphragm
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Pulse Valve Diaphragm


Electromagnetic pulse valve diaphragm to choose the most suitable for high quality rubber for the production of electromagnetic pulse valve diaphragm plate production, with a strong oil resistance high temperature resistant, alkali resistant features, can easily guarantee synchronism perform operations with other control components, control of pulse compressed air blowing Even in extremely poor working environment, also can ensure the normal work and long service lifeBecause of the pulse electromagnetic valve diaphragm needs from time to time opening and closing action is a kind of flexible mechanism to control the air circulation, and requirements has good flexibility, still have as high as possible sealing requirements, so the pulse valve diaphragm material is directly related to the service life of pulse valve diaphragm and using effect In other words, the pulse valve diaphragm is good or bad will directly affect the pulse bag filter accessories the working stability of ash removal system, also directly related to the use of dust removal equipment cost


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