Telescopic Joint
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Telescopic Joint

  • VSSJA-2(B2F)

Introduction: double flange limit expansion joint is made up of ontology seal gland and shorten the pipe and other major parts In loose tube expansion joint add spacing device, on the basis of the original performance in the * * * with double nut locking pipeline expansion amount in allow can be * * * in the scale expansion, once more than the * * * has limit, expansion amount to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline installation: double flange limit expansion joint is suitable for both sides with the flange connection, when installation, adjust the product at both ends and the connection of the flange length, diagonal in turn evenly tighten gland bolts, adjust good limit nut again, this

Sample can make pipeline within the scope of the expansion amount can be * * * scaling, locking expansion amount, to ensure the safe operation of pipeline Convenient installation and maintenance, adjustments according to the size Can reduce stress by fitting the thrust (blind plate force) and compensation pipeline installation error, double flanged limit expansion joint is mainly used for loose tube pump valve accessories such as connection material: mainly with Q235 carbon steel stainless steel casting ductile iron and other choose different material and different use models


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