Braided Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Hose
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Braided Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Hose

High quality custom stainless steel mesh PTFE hose
PTFE lined hydraulic hose stainless steel braided
  • GM-Hose03
  • Goodmax

1.Construction of PTFE hose

   -Tube: smooth ptfe - high mechanical and vibration resistance, low permeability, dielectrical, fire resistant, food grade. Chemically inert, non sticking, ozone and weather resistant.

   -Reinforcement: high tensile stainless steel braid AISI 304.

   -Cover compound :  abrasion, ozone and hydrocarbon resistant synthetic rubber.

2.Constant operation: -60 °C +260 °C (-76 °F +500 °F)

    air max T =  +70 °C (+160 °F)
    Safety factor: 1:4

3. Color available: black, grey, blue, yellow, red, etc

4.Application: compressed air, gas, steam, fuel, oil, chemical and pharmaceutical products, particularly suitable for steam piping on injection moulding machines, diathermic oil installations, charging lines for cryogenic gas, compressor discharge lines, automotive, pharmaceutical and food sectors. Solvents, pigments and paint transfer lines. Hydraulic lines in power stearing marine applications. 


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