Unattended System Solution For Cement Industry
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Unattended System Solution For Cement Industry


Unattended weighing management system is a intelligent weighing system, which compose of RFID car number automatic identification system, weighing image capture system, infrared anti cheat system, traffic light control system, receive delivery confirmation system, remote monitoring and management system. 

In the whole weighing process, It can automatic data collection, automatic detection, automatic control, automatic processing, automatic control, reduce the  disadvantages and work intensity by manual operations, improve the system of information and automation. For the management, they know the current situation of production and logistics through summary reports from the system ; for the accounting department,they can get a clear and accurate statement; warehouse department can learn about their receiving and goods, and so on. The report data is accessible at any time, so it strengthened the management of consistency, shortens the response time of decision makers of the production, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, promoting the enterprise information management.


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