Steel Wire Rope Bucket Elevator
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Steel Wire Rope Bucket Elevator


【Product specifications】:250/315/400/500/630/
【Running speed】:1.55-1.95(m/s)
【Applicable materials】: Powder, granular, small block and other non-stick semi-abrasive materials.
【Material Bulk Density】:Less than 1.5 (t / m³)
【Operating temperature】:Generally less than 60 degrees; high temperature below 150 degrees
【Lifting capacity】:75-1350(m³/h) 

Product manual:

N-TGD, TDG high-performance steel wire rope belt bucket elevator (referred to as steel wire rope bucket elevator) is a new type of high-efficiency lifting equipment developed on the basis of TD-type belt-type bucket elevator. Because of its super high, Stable performance in the cement, fertilizer, alumina and other industries are very widely used in recent years, power, the rapid development of the glass industry, in the coal and fly ash, glass raw materials warehousing gradually adopted, it is recommended Is that our products have completely replace imported products.

N-TGD, TDG high-efficiency steel wire rope belt bucket elevator mainly by the drive device, the upper device, the lower device, wire rope tape, hopper, the middle of the chassis, tensioning device, security protection device .For tall specifications, The use of joint-venture brands of high-quality anti-tear steel cord tape and the original German reducer to ensure high-quality equipment to run.

  The performance parameters of N-TGD and TDG type high-efficiency steel wire rope belt bucket elevator are changed by the change of conveying capacity and conveying height. For this accurate specification model, conveying quantity, bucket speed and power, etc., The following table for the initial selection, but also to provide us with access to the center and distance from the material to enhance the height, delivery volume, material name, block degrees, humidity, temperature and other raw parameters required by the engineers for your selection.

Product Features:

1, TDG-type high-performance steel wire rope belt bucket elevator is the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology based on the improvement of the design of a new generation of products, transportation capacity, high height (see table), where a bucket for dry powder Materials; b-type bucket can be used for micro-powder or small granular materials;

2, TDG-type high-performance steel wire rope tape bucket elevator traction parts using special anti-tearing steel wire rope core tape, tear resistance, toughness, strength, and enhance the height of a higher long life (more than five years). High strength aluminum alloy mechanical chuck, composed of a pad, two pressure plate, two wire rope plywood, a number of wire rope clamps and high strength bolts, nuts, elastic gasket composition , Double clamping, solid and reliable, the tape does not slip, the junction of the bending plate protection, which can effectively prevent the belt deviation.

3, TDG-type high-performance steel wire rope belt bucket elevator head and tail of the middle and the whole chassis for all welded structure, the head drum with integrated casting roller, the end of the automatic balance tensioning system, materials and dust Yang, Causing environmental pollution;

4, TDG-type high-performance steel wire rope belt bucket elevator transmission device used in the vertical axis reducer and fluid coupling, and with a backstop device, making the transmission mechanism compact, flexible transmission, both smooth operation , But also make the motor reducer and traction parts are protected, but also make the material in the shutdown to maintain a stable state.For the specifications on the tall, we all use the original German reducer to ensure high-quality equipment to run.

Wire rope tape performance parameters


N-TGD, TDG steel wire rope bucket elevator main performance parameters table




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