Belt Compacting Roller
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Belt Compacting Roller

The belt compacting roller is designed to discharge air from the rubber sheet and the conveyor belt to prevent the gap between the conveyor belt and the patch strip.

Compacting roller features 1. Compacting roller: Belt repair and roller coating tools.2. Purpose: Reasonable design, easy to use, used for discharging air from rubber sheet and conveyor belt, greatly improving the bonding strength of rubber sheet and conveyor belt, saving time and effort.3. Different widths: 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 45mm.Compacted roller specification Product code Product name Product specification Product usage 5150104 compacted roller 4mm conveyor belt repair compacted 5150112 compacted roller 12mm conveyor belt repair Compacted 5150145 Compacted roller 45mm conveyor belt repair and compacted.


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