Tungsten Steel Grinding Disc
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Tungsten Steel Grinding Disc

Special tool for belt repair tungsten steel grinding disc, Diput tungsten steel grinding disc is made of fine carbon steel.


1. Specially designed for rubber and fabric.

2. The polished surface is very rough, greatly improving the bonding effect, which is unmatched by ordinary steel wire wheel.

3. The polishing speed is very fast, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

4. High-power grinding machine (L1202) shall be supported.Otherwise easy to burn out Angle grinder

In the repair of conveyor belt and belt, the use of tungsten steel polishing disc may lead to the aging of the belt due to the high temperature during the polishing process.It is better to use with high power and low speed Angle mill.The grinding disc of Diput tungsten steel imported from Germany is mainly used for conveyor belt joints. The surface of the conveyor belt is furred during maintenance, so as to avoid high temperature in the polishing process, which will cause aging of the conveyor belt and greatly improve working efficiency.Tungsten steel polishing disc has become a special tool for non-harm polishing rubber and conveyor belt, which is favored by the majority of users.


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