Rubber Repair Agent
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Rubber Repair Agent

Rubber repair agent is a new type of liquid conveyor belt repair material, which is mainly used for filling the holes of conveyor belt, scratches, tears and sealing joints
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1.Rubber repair agent, quick curing at normal temperature.

2.It can be used for high strength conveyor belt and special rubber products, and has the characteristics of impact                  resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance after repair.Flexible and diversified repair methods can be adopted according to the needs of site construction, which can meet the various repair needs of different locations and Spaces.

  • Instructions for field operation

  • 1.Lay out the conveyor belt to be repaired horizontally, and use a rubber knife to cut the edge of the part to be repaired above the conveyor belt at a 45° Angle

  • 2.The bottom of the conveyor belt should also be cut at an Angle of 45°, but shorter than the top

  • 3.After grinding the area to be repaired with high power and low speed Angle grinder, clean the grinding residue

  • 4.Use corrugated paper to completely seal the parts to be repaired from the bottom, and then use cleaning agent to clean the areas to be repaired

  • 5.After the detergent has dried, brush the primer on the area to be repaired

  • 6.After the primer is dried, the supplement main agent and auxiliary agent are mixed and stirred, and then poured into the area to be repaired until it is level with the surface of the conveyor belt

  • 7.Use a scraper to smooth the repair surface. After the repair, solidify for at least one hour at room temperature before starting up

  • 8.If necessary, the area to be repaired shall be completely vulcanized and the repaired area shall be polished again with an Angle grinder



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