Metal Primer

TPS100 metal products : used for rubber and metal bonding, the metal surface pretreatment. Plays a role of transition layer, which can effectively enhance the rubber and metal stick relay. More used in roller cold plastic bags, armor protection, storage tank, cold box, pipe lined with rubber and other rubber and metal bonding of the project.

Metal surface treatment agent is a treatment agent applied to the metal surface as a coating material.It can be at room temperature in a relatively short period of time to remove the metal surface impurities, in the metal surface to form a protective film, so that it is free from corrosion.

Method of application:

1.Metals: use TPS cleaner to remove grease, metal surface and wheel or sandblasting polishing with sand. Coated with a layer of TPS100 metal surface treatment agent, and let it dry completely。

2.Coating: combining surface coated with quadratic uniform thin layer, have BL adhesive layer on the surface of don't have to apply the first layer. The first layer must be completely dry and reach the level of adhesion back finger. There are slightly sticky when the second layer to (in the back of hand test) can be achieved at the end of the adhesive surface. (the first 2 are a) coat dry.

3.Adhesive: will combine two stick together, avoid package into the air and fit tightly and compaction.


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