Multifunctional Status Monitoring Protection Device
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Multifunctional Status Monitoring Protection Device

1.Measurement precision:level ±0.5 Linear error ≤1%FS
2.Input signal:VS020 vibration velocity sensor signal
3.Intensity:: any within 0~50.0mm/s
  • GM-LM011

Rotating manchinery monitoring protection device uses brand new digital processing technology, and is one module-type combined multifunctional meter with high rediability. It consists of rotational speed, axial displacement, differential expansion, shaft vibration, thermal expansion, sevo motor, tank fuel level, three-out of two voting module and other modules. It provides various paremeter measurements for safe running and warning of early failures. It is widely used in electrial power, machinery, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy. It has following features" easy mounting and maintenace, simple operation, high reliability and strong anti-interfearence ability. 

Rated working voltage Opv(V)220(1N50Hz)380(3N50Hz)
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc(VAC)420385275420385275420385275
Voltage protection level Up(k V)
Maximum discharge current(8/20 us)LMAX(KA)654020
Nominal discharge current(8/20 us)In(KA)302010
Response time NS< 25ns
Protection LevelIp20
The front end recommends a series fuse25A20A10A
Access conductor cross-sectional area(mm 2)≥6
Grounding line cross-sectional area(mm 2)≥10
Failure of instructionsAging failure, green normal, red failure
Telephony functionNot optional
RemarksOther maximum continuous operating voltage UC can be customized(500V, 690V)


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