Waterproof, Dust-Proof Smart Bag Counter For Cement Factory
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Waterproof, Dust-Proof Smart Bag Counter For Cement Factory

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1. Smart cement counter, waterproof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof, industrial-grade intelligent counter

The HQ-210 Smart Cement Counter was designed with harsh industrial environments in mind, with components using imported industrial-grade chips. Products in the market for 6 years, withstood the harsh and harsh field environment of users everywhere and in all walks of life, widely used in various industries factory belt conveyors for bagged car delivery occasions accurate, industries include: cement, fertilizer, chemicals, building materials, feed, flour, feed, grain, rice plant, grease, starch, docks, warehouses, sugar factories, logistics and so on.

Whether it's a dusty cement plant or a corrosive chemical plant, whether it's in the northeast, where temperatures are minus 40 degrees in winter, or in the south, where thunderstorms are plentiful,the HQ-210 Smart Cement Counter delivers 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, in a stable, industrial-grade industrial field that demonstrates the durability and stability of industrial-grade smart counters.

2. Belt conveyor bag truck delivery occasion count accuracy requirements:

Because the belt conveyor bag truck delivery occasion is the sales link, the counter is required to be accurate, otherwise it will bring customer complaints, vehicles back to the factory loading, economic losses and other issues. Due to the complexity of field conditions, many counters in the market are unable to meet this requirement.

HQ-210 intelligent cement counter, in-depth study of various industries belt conveyor loading and delivery of on-site conditions, specifically for the belt conveyor loading and shipping situation of complex conditions, designed intelligent counting algorithm;

3. Perfect and fast aftermarket

HQ-210 Smart Cement Counter, replace new equipment or components directly during warranty period if there is a quality problem.

4. Provide users with a variety of applications

HQ-210 smart cement counter, not only has the industry's standard requirements (real-time display of the number of loadings and total cumulative quantity, can set the number of packages, advance amount reminders, chain control packaging machine or belt machine, external large screen display, wireless remote control), and Depending on the user's needs, we provide users with a variety of applications: field applications, counter wired connection computer centralized control scheme, large-screen Kanban field display, wireless networking scheme, counter and video surveillance integration program, counter direct access to the user control DCS program and so on.

5. Bring greater value and benefit to users

HQ-210 Smart Cement Counter, Power user:

improve the accuracy of counting, improve the efficiency of delivery;

Less people, save labor costs;

to prevent human smuggling and error, reduce the economic losses of enterprises;

Reduce vehicle secondary return to the factory loading, reduce customer complaints, avoid friction between shippers and customers;

Easy loading data recording, query and statistics, improve the level of automation management, improve the corporate image.



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