Electric Crushing Valve
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Electric Crushing Valve


The Lump Breaker is used for crushing of lumps from discharger. These lumps are formed due to hydration in silos or bins.
In case lump material could not be discharged, which will cause material blocking and therefore incorrect signals will be
generated by flow regulating valve.
It may affect normal operation of the processing system, in some cases, the signals will cause serious unbalance between
raw material and fuel, which will result in equipment accidents for overhigh temperature within burning equipments.
A horizontal or vertical type lump breaker is available and is used in the discharge area in front of the discharge equipment
for example flow control gates or pneumatic shutoff valve For fluent discharging lumps in material will be crushed
immediately to prevent discharging valves being blocked by the lumps.



Design Feature
1.Mass flow of max. model up to 1000m³/h
2.Available for all aeroslides and silo outlets
3.Designed for high material temperatures up to 120°C
4.Low energy consumption, when in 25 revolutions, driven motor power is only 1.1 KW (below size B400)and 1.5KW (above B500).
5.High wear resistant materials for crusher and grid
6.Easy maintenance
7.Integrated motor rotate speed device in control box optional
8.Optional switchboard for integrated overload detection and reversing control



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