Smart Test Equipment Sonic Pile Echo Foundation Tester
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Smart Test Equipment Sonic Pile Echo Foundation Tester

4-20mA pressure sensor Waterproof micro pressure transmitter
1. Capacity: 5,7,10,15,20,30,40,50,60, 80 MPa
2. No cavity, easy to clean,small size ,made of stainless steel
3. Suitable for all-weather harsh environments, as well as corrosive gas, liquid measurement and control
  • GM-LM007

The dynamic testing instrument for foundation pile is a test and analysis instrument for testing the structural integrity of foundation pile and the vertical bearing capacity of single pile under impact or vibration load in the process of pile integrity testing and monitoring of prefabricated pile. The purpose is to determine the bearing capacity and structural integrity of pile.

ProductSonic Tester
System noise voltageless than2mV
dynamic rangegreater than138dB
Amplifier band10Hz~10kHz
A/Dresolution ratio16bitA/D
sample interval2us~32768us
sampling length102,420,484,096
Time indication errorless than1%
number of channels1
magnification times1~128
trigger modesignal to trigger
transducer sensitivity100mV/g
Sensor band1-10000Hz
continuous working periodgreater than10hour
power supplyBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery(+7.4V)
display screen640*480 capacitive touch screen
operating modetouch


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