Vibro Control 300 Overall Data Model Vibrocontrol Spectrum Analyzer
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Vibro Control 300 Overall Data Model Vibrocontrol Spectrum Analyzer

VibroControl 300 4 channel input sensors
2 assignable relay output for shutdown and trip
display overall value in bar-graph
4 output buffer signal from sensors
Support Modbus communication protocol
4~20 mA output signal to PLC
  • GM-LM003
  • Goodmax

The VibroControl 300 can serve as your vibration "watchdog" in a wide range of situations in which vibration-based judgments must be made, such as in go/nogo vibration testing of products, facilities diagnosis, and machine tool cutting tool damage. 



Number of input : 4 channels
Signal input : Input by acceleration sensor
Input Connector : industrial Connectors
Sensor sensitivity setting : up to 1500 mV/g
Unit setting : mm/s , m/s2 , Voltage.
Input range : 0.1 to 50 m/s2 , 0.1 to 50 mm/s
Frequency Characteristic 1~ 2500 Hz,


Parallel acceleration, velocity measurements.
Switchable between RMS value, peak value , maximum of peak value
RMS value: true RMS value (compute the average of various input signals)
peak value: Absolute PEAK value of time-axis waveform
maximum factor value : wave height ratio
FFT real time analysis - up to 1024 lines with Hanning window (for VibroControl 300i)
TIME Signal(for VibroControl 300i)


RS232 output : Provide as standard
Transmission rate : Selectable 9.600 bps
Connector :DB9
ModBus communication Protocol
Current output : 4-20mA output Switchable between source signal and RMS value
Buffer signal output : 4 output buffer signal from sensors

General Specification

Operating humidity range : 0 to +50
Storage humidity range : -5 to +50
Outer dimensions : 96 x 96 x 180 mm (DIN)
operating humidity rang : 85%
Power supply : 12 V to 60 V DC


Display type : Liquid Crystal Display 128 x 64 dots with illumination.
Display refresh : 0.5 second
Display Bar-graph

Memory Capacity
Memory card option: VibroControl 300 can store data with a removable memory card(Compact Flash) and allow you to store and manage the data with your computer. VibroControl 300 Analysis


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