2/2-way Right Angle Pulse Solenoid Valve
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2/2-way Right Angle Pulse Solenoid Valve

1) Type: solenoid valves
2) Power: electric
3) Port size: G2/2
4) working pressure: 0.3-0.7Mpa
  • GM-FE011
  • Goodmax

Key Specifications/Special Features:

The full immersion manifold flat mount valves of the MM series deliver the most powerful air pulse in square tank systems. These diaphragm valves are designed for dust collectors and baghouses with reverse pulse jet filter cleaning systems. 

1. Auxiliary products used for bag dust remover, domestic general
2. Leakage: 0min/min
3. Max. action frequency: 3 times/s
4. Max. pressure tolerance: 10kgf/cm²
5. Ambient temp.:  -15-75℃
6. Applicable kinematic viscosity value: ≤25CST (mm2/s)
7. Pilot operated structure, pressure differential required 
8. Coil temperature-rise allowed: ≤80℃
9. Mounted at any angle, keep coil vertically upward & installed horizontally might extend lifespan
10. Diaphragm material: normal—NBR (code: N), special---TPE (code: Tp)
11. Valve body: aluminum alloy (code: Al)
12. Lifespan: wind spray 1 million times
13. Voltage: AC220/AC130/AC240, 50/60, DC24, tolerance: ±10%, customization accepted


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