Electromagnectic Pulse Valve for Dust Collector
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Electromagnectic Pulse Valve for Dust Collector

1) Type: solenoid valves
2) Structure: aperture
3) Temperature:-20 ~ + 80 degrees Celsius
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  • GM-FE010

  • Goodmax

1. The working pressure of the product is 0.1MPa ~ 0.7MPa, and the medium is air that has been degreased and dewatered.

2. When the working voltage of the solenoid valve is 85% of the rated voltage under the condition of the nominal air supply pressure of the product, the opening response time of the solenoid pulse valve should be less than 0.03s.

3. When the working gas source pressure is 0.1MPa, the pulse valve can be closed.

4. The product should be able to withstand a gas pressure of 0.8MPa.

5. Under the specified environmental conditions, the insulation resistance of the electromagnetic coil to the shell should be greater than 1MΩ.

6. Under the condition that the room temperature is 5 degrees to 35 degrees and the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, the electromagnetic coil can withstand the voltage of 50Hz and 250V to the shell, and there is no breakdown for 1min.

7. The electromagnetic pulse valve should be able to work normally after withstanding vibration at a frequency of 20Hz, a full amplitude of 2mm, and a duration of 30min.

8. Under normal use conditions, the cumulative service life of the diaphragm should be greater than 800,000 times.

9. There is no obvious coating peeling, scratches, burrs and other damage on the valve surface.

10. The large-diameter ultra-low pressure electromagnetic pulse valve for rotary injection blowing is supplied with air pressure less than 0.1Mpa, and the use of compressed air is not affected by the simultaneous use of gas in the pipe network, and the operation is stable and reliable. (0.05 ~ 0.1Mpa)



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